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The world is filled with stories - and I don't mean made up stories - I mean real life true stories. And a majority of these stories can be found in a resource that's available for less than a dollar - the newspaper! Every single day, newspapers are rife with stories that spark the interest and imagination of readers all over the world. As a Producer, you should make it a habit to read the news because that's where your inspiration comes from. Like the old saying, the truth is, most of the time, stranger than fiction.

So, your assignment for this week, is to read some news, find an article that interests you and work out a story for a short film based on it. It can be as loosely based as possible but cannot be an exact carbon copy of the story as it is reported in the newspaper.

Once you have your article, post it in the "From the News ..." page (remember to include your name) and post your story for the film, written as a logline, here in the Loglines page.

Please remember to include your name in the posting so I know who it's from.

Loglines for the assignment "From The News":


1) Missing for a month, Leong Jin failed to return home. Alone in a foreign land, he struggles to find his way home, will he make it? (Zhenyu)

2) Based on a true story, Pulau Senang was Singapore's Prison Experiment until where detainees were reformed by through external image arrow-10x10.png labor until the uprising ... (lincolnyeo)

Type your Loglines here:

1) Jack Handsome an ex-special agent boards a external image arrow-10x10.png plane that was strucked by lighting opening a portal, bringing it into another dimension. Jack has to eliminate the hijackers and get the plane back to the portal before it closes. ( Malcolm Soh )

2) 30 years old good-looking pastor who works as gigolo secretly, one night his client is a bitchy woman from his church. He gives money to keep her shut, until one day he runs out of money.(artania raharso)

3) Two 80 year old men finally get external image arrow-10x10.png after gay external image arrow-10x10.png is approved in their state. They accidentally embark on a honeymoon to a place where people are homophobic... (Vanessa Tan)

4) A rookie manager, forced to retire from his playing days due to injury, accepts the job to reunite a disempowered team suffering from a trophy drought. Through the pressure of financial restraints and the unconvinced fans he journeys on to lead the team back to it’s glory days with only half a season left. - Nishok

5) A high school student drags a friend along, jumping to their death claiming to sacrifice their lives to save the world. However, their spirits return vengefully after six friends backed out from the suicide pact. (Zoe Tan)

6) A man, whose father is the owner of a bank, decides to take matters into his own hands and save his family by robbing the bank to return the money back to the mobsters who his dad had cheated. (Stanley Xu Ruiyang)

7) A young teenager is left unharmed when his motorcycle burst into flames as he starts. He learns that his misfortune is one of the many recent vehicle fires and decides to investigate. (Anthony Mok)

8) A 16 year old boy survives a flight from California to Hawaii in the external image arrow-10x10.png well of a jetliner. Will he be able to find his parents who have abandoned him 5 years ago? (Guean)

9) A retired detective investigates a brutal murder on an oil tanker only to discover that his fingerprints were at the scene of the crime.(Muhammad)

10) A 40 year old journalist who seeks to find another born on the same day seems harmless until he discovers the Book of the Dead, and that day would be The Judgement Day. (Trini)

11) A 10-year-old Chinese girl, whose working parents are always away from home, is loitering at the playground alone near her apartment. As she glides down the tall, red, and spiralling playground slide; a masked man external image arrow-10x10.png halfway inside the slide suddenly grabs her violently. (Jaya Khidir)

12) A bacteriologist in the Middle East accidentally developed a new deadly disease after his research project took a wrong turn, causing a pandemic that threatens the survival of humankind as the disease spreads and kills throughout the entire globe within days. (Khairah)

13) When a lonely girl befriends a boy in school, she reveals to him that she is constantly abused by her father and can’t take it much longer; however when the boy’s father (who is the principal of the school) learns this from his son, he uses this information to achieve his selfish agendas. -Rophe

14) A middle age man, living his life like everyday routine, he starts to get lonely and desperate for love, everything changes after he get together with a lady he met in the lift, and he is deeply in love with her, but a few months later he found out that she was a transsexual. - Valerie

15) An ordinary cleaner finds out that he’s anything but ordinary when he stumbles external image arrow-10x10.png a secret dungeon beneath his apartment external image arrow-10x10.png with human bait. -Sara

16) A man finds the captain of the ferry which had sunk and killed his sister. Filled with hatred, he decides to follow him and plans a revenge for his sister. (Loh Wei external image arrow-10x10.png)

17) In a sport shadowed by the unrelenting might of the current champion, a youngster takes the wheel to challenge him for the champions title which could turn out to be his only chance to do so as he finds out that he only has a year left to external image arrow-10x10.png. - Mohit

18) A pessimistic woman finds herself trapped in another universe full of hope and happiness due to an accident and tries to escape from this universe, only to realise that the only way to get out is to sacrifice an important external image arrow-10x10.png of her or else she will be stuck in that universe forever. (Wanyi)

19) A team of firefighters led by their captain responds to an ordinary warehouse blaze, unaware that the facility is housing a military research lab, has to race against time to prevent a biological outbreak. (Wye Kheung)

20) A team of adventurers set out on an epic space adventure to find the launch a mechanism to control the temperature of the raging sun, but what they encountered was beyond what any of them could have imagined... (Leonard Pang)

21) Mr Ng , a external image arrow-10x10.png officer, was roaming around the town when he saw a teenage boy behaving suspiciously before he ran away when he saw Mr Ng. Mr Ng was quick and to his surprise, the boy he caught was his bestfriend's son.. (Deeqa)

22) A young boy plead guilty to murdering his foster parents, but the police soon find that he wasn't who he claim to be.

22) A married British former member of the Doctors Without Borders branch based in Mumbai, India is one day contacted by a savant teenage girl named Preethika who claims to be his daughter. (Eugene Lim)

23) A successful businessman and his wife decided to adopt a son after 5 years of failed attempts. What appeared as a happy family took its turn when one night, the man came home only to find his wife and his adopted son caught in the act of sadomasochism. (Danielle Pepita)

24) Sinking Feeling
A radiation leak causes the earth’s surface to weaken. The factory worker, who had caused this accident, is trapped as the earth swallows his truck whole, and desperately tries to get out of this sticky situation. (Keane Tay)

25) A community sets out to external image arrow-10x10.png a righteous and new life by adopting the Old Ways, only that they find that their basic instinct to survive through selfish means prevents them from redeeming their rotting bodies. (Chung Zi Wei)

26) One detective looking for revenge, one gang leader looking for external image arrow-10x10.png. Peng, the youngest of 3 brothers is forced to take a side while holding a very terrible secret himself. (David Yong)

27) The last remnant of the human race scavenges the universe to establish life on strange new worlds but they do not know what frightens them more - them being alone in the universe, or not. (Arvind Jay)

28) A group of teenagers drunkenly enters a run-down high school in a foreign land, and when one of them got possessed by Mia, they found out the truth about what happened to the passengers of the ferry that sunk nearly 50 years ago. Time is crucial as they relived Mia’s last one hour and a half. (Luna)

Finding herself the only survivor of a plane crash in a mysterious city, the Foosa claims that she is the chosen one to save the lost city from eternal darkness and external image arrow-10x10.png the light from the deadly evil Mambree before he is crowned king or she herself will be lost to the darkness. (Diana Chong)

30) A young boy tries to murder his parents after witnessing his best buddy murdering his. (SHIQI)

31) A young marine biology enthusiast joins a new water-based theme park for research only to find that animals are being tortured for stunts and performances and struggles to convince animal support groups who refuse to pursue the matter.

33) A psychotic killer with a horrifying growing collection of dead bodies of young girls welcome his next victim when his workaholic neighbour sends his daughter to his place, putting her life in jeopardy. (Wei Xuan)

34) In a society where the government and law enforcement hide behind conspiracies, oppressing the people, one man will stand up for them, for the justice of the city. Will he succeed? (Eldon)

35) A 14-year old boy got a dare by his stoned hooligan companions to dress up as a clown to prank on random passer-byes and ends up giving his own grandmother who running is away from the police, a heart attack. His grandmother who stole his stash of weed that he was asked to hold on to by his companions. (Donovan)

36) A toddler is found dead on a railway track in Liverpool. The prime suspect is a ten-year-old boy, but is he guilty? (Chimene)

37) A 12 year old student is challenged to kick a cat for fun after losing a bet. It starts out as a game, but when he realises that he enjoys the process of abusing animals, the boy ventures on a path that pushes him to the extreme as he struggles to stop himself. (Nicholas)

38) The glorious war hero returns home and discovers that his beloved wife has become the King's concubine. (Alvin)

39) A man stumbles upon a tunnel leading to a different world, and by discovering the secrets it holds, it threatens his very existence. ( Zhi Lin)

40) A popular and gorgeous high school student goes for cosmetic surgery to disfigure herself as she sells her identity in order to earn money for her ill father with Alzheimer. (Goh Jian Ying)

41) Amidst a cyber attack that sweeps across the White House, one man's rise to power threatens the stability of the system. In the Dogfight, who can you trust?
(Jun Hao)

42) In a world where security is merely an illusion of safety, an alcoholic federal agent has 11 hours to intervene the impending doom of the world's safest country. (Isaiah Cheng)

43) When two horrendously irreversible mistakes are made, can the two souls who committed them find solace in each other? Or will their dark secret take its toll on their relationship, ending it in yet another tragedy? (Kasee Wang)

44) When his father mysteriously disappears during a harmless game of football, a son must overcome his panic and uncover the enigma before it's too late. (Yuan Jie)

45) An unprepared town goes into starvation when a cyclone hit continuously for days. However, situation gets worse when people are found dead in their homes. (D Naveen Raj)

46) When all hope is lost from the outside world, 18 turkish miners have 18 hours to escape the mine. With their lives in their own hands, will they make it out alive? (Zachary)

47) Fashion icon transforms into business woman as Victoria Beckham goes deeper into entrepreneurship as one of the top in Britain. (Syakir)

48) After getting fired, Raj, a lackadaisical clerk worker, and his gang of recently unemployed colleagues have 24 hours to break into their boss's vault and steal his prized collection of jewels for the sole purpose of sweet revenge. The only way into the highly secured vault is underground and their only equipment; Office supplies. (Jules)

49) When a retired policeman receives an anonymous call that threatens to detonate him and his family with an explosive in the house so in order protect his family, he must find a way to disarm the explosive and uncover the identity of the caller. (Aloysius)

50) Four Students are given scholarships to attend a prestigious IT school, but one of them is murdered and the rest has received threaten letters telling them to quit school if not the tragic fate will happen to them. What would the rest of the three boys do to escape from the danger? ( Yu Wei )

51) A happy family of three moves in to the neighbourhood, where the playground is rumoured to be cursed - the seeker never ever finds the hider again. Unaware of the rumour, the family plays hide and seek, only to find the child missing. (Amelia)

52) A novice paparazzi chances upon a theft case while tracking down a famous actor. His life is thrown into chaos when he realises the similarities between the actor and the motor thief... (Mavis)

53) An old man and his volcano enthusiast granddaughter are trapped in their house as a sudden lava flow engulfs the area around them in the night, forcing them to fight against all odds to survive an unsurvivable situation. (Emmanuel)

17 slit throats and counting, as Kate Lisbon desperately tries to gain traction in the savage serial murder case. However, as she digs deeper, she finds out that not only does the stone cold perpetrator have a personal vendetta against her, the elusive murderer is also closer to her than she will ever expect. (Theng Hui)

55) Cody makes a bet on his soul and loses. An evil spirit seeks refuge in his empty shell of a body and Cody is forced into committing brutal acts that will take a toll on him and haunt him for the rest of his life. (Malorie)