One Pagers
(not two, not three, just one is all you get)

As Eminem once famously rapped, "you only get ONE shot ... ONE opportunity ... ONE moment ... to seize everything you ever wanted ..." And like he said, as Producers, all you have is ONE page - to tell people about a plot, to tell people about your characters and hopefully pitch some selling points.
Hopefully they read it (one page makes it appealing to read).

Hopefully they have some money.

And hopefully after reading it, they are interested enough to want to read more and maybe part with some of that money to help you with the film you want to make.

That's the basic function of a one-pager. So for this assignment, you will pick a film that you like and know well and then, based on that knowledge, write a one-pager of the film, detailing the plot, characters and selling points. Your one pager must also try to capture the essence of the film in some way and preferably, be an engaging read. It's good also to include a reference picture in the one pager, just to spice things up a little and make it less like a page with lots of words.

So ... ONE shot ... ONE opportunity ... ONE moment ... ONE page.

- Lee Wanyi (S10146576C)

- Vanessa Tan (S10121269)
- Arvind Jay (S10146069B)

- Mohit Rajgopal (S10145290C)

"Her" - One Pager - Stanley Xu Ruiyang (S10142588H)

- Nur Deeqa Natasha (S10138264K)

- Nishok (S10142492)

- Nur Khairah (S10147344C)
- Danielle Pepita (S10139800A)
- Trini Ng (S10147731G)

- external image arrow-10x10.png Lim (S10138574F)

- Rophe Ng (S10148296D)

- Chung Zi Wei (S10110697D)
-Saraniyah (S10146522B)

- Leonard Pang (S10144361E)

- Tan Xin Yi Zoe (S10140976C)

- Valerie Ong Pei Wen (S10142615A)
- Loh Wei Ling (S10146413G)

-Diana (S10138871B)

- Tham Wye Kheung (S10142817A)

- Jaya Khidir (S10123700J)
- Guean (S10148759D)
- Keane (S10146616F)
- David (S10138490E)
- SHIQI(S10139502F)

- Luna (S10148536J)
- Artania (S10141234E)

- Muhammad(S10144784B)

- Malcolm Soh (S10146865D)

- Anthony Mok (S10145838C)

- Eldon Theadore (S10144166H)

- Mavis Lai (S10146592C)

- Phua Theng Hui (S10146473E)

- Saw Boon Kiat Alvin (S10147639H)

- Amelia (S10145680D)

- Malorie Oliveiro (s10146793d)
- Ng Yu Wei (S10139616F)

- Chimene Khoo (S10147327D)
- Ong Zhi Lin (S10147429C)
- Goh Jian Ying (S10140269K)
- Kasee Wang (S10113746H)
Mean Streets (1973) One Pager - Donovan Wan (S10138131C)
- Isaac Tan (S10146539H)
- Yuan Jie (S10147991G)
-Julianna Loke (S10146295G)
- Seow Wei Xuan (S10138513J)
- Nicholas Lee (S10147754K)
- Eric Peh (S10142595D)
- Emmanuel Lee (S10148527E)
- Zachary Ong (S10139773H)
- Hanirusyaidi Subhan (S10144403F)