The Rules of The Stash

This is a community; we all own it and we all build it so like all communities, some rules need to exist to keep this place in order.

#1. At The Stash, we only create, we do not destory. This means that you are not allowed to delete something someone else has posted. You can add to it - by all means - but please don't take it away.

#2.Please respect other people's stories, opinions and feelings. Any posting of derogatory or insensitive remarks (whether about someone you know or don't know) will be severely dealt with and looked upon as a disciplinary case.

#3. Please keep the place neat and clean and not have rubbish all over the place. No one likes to sift through a messy wiki.

#4 As The Stash is online and therefore accessible by ANYONE, please be aware that everything you post here can possibly be seen by anyone with a world wide web hook-up.

#5 Anyone who uses an idea or piece of an idea from here in ANYTHING, must give credit to The Stash in any way they can. If it is not your idea, you must seek permission from the originator of it.