The Stash(a dumping ground of inspiration for Producing students from the Film, Sound & Video course)

Everything Starts With An Idea

external image Sprout_Lightbulb.jpgAll films begin with an idea.

It's useless to have all the money, stars, equipment and crew if you ain't got a clue as to what you're going to do with them.

And that's where The Stash comes in. Here's where we will build a stash of inspiration, anything that catches your attention, that you think is noteworthy or significant, any story, any place, any encounter, any incident - it all comes here.

And here is where you will come to, tomorrow, next year or ten years' time, if you're stuck, lost, bored, lonely, or have all the money, stars, equipment and crew but have NO IDEA.The Stash is where inspiration comes to rest and grow fertile, till you're ready to pluck it and put it on show for the world to see.


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